Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – Keynote Speaker 2015 TorontoDV Symposium

Toronto Domestic Violence Symposium, June 5, 6 and 7th, 2015.  Get your tickets here.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed
Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – Psychiatrist, author, father, DV advocate.

We are delighted to present Dr. Tanveer Ahmed as our 2015 TorontoDV Symposium keynote speaker.  Ahmed is travelling from Australia to deliver what will be a spectacular presentation about the effect of Domestic Violence on men, women and children.

His comprehensive balanced approach will drive the direction of Domestic Violence to a closer end, where both men and women will be seen as significant victims and significant perpetrators thereof.  Dr. Tanveer Ahmed will deliver insight aimed at our Judiciary as well as the public they officiate over.  We desperately need to better understand the entire dynamics of DV and IPV.

Articles such as this one, authored by Ahmed are needed in greater numbers addressing the whole of DV and IPV, Intimate Partner Violence.

Men forgotten in violence debate

“There is too little acknowledgement of the importance of male disempowerment in debates surrounding domestic violence. Gender relations have changed dramatically in the past few decades, but discussions about family violence are stuck in the mindset of 1970s radical feminism.”

That article caught my attention and the backlash that it caused, was alarming.  Why?  Who would not want to include men as significant victims of Domestic Violence, when that is what science tells us?  It was clear to me, Ahmed would be an integral speaker at the 2015 TorontoDV Symposium.

We look forward to having you in Toronto this June 5, 6 and 7, 2015.

Tanveer Ahmed’s short bio.

Dr Tanveer Ahmed is an Australian based psychiatrist, author and local politician.  He is a general adult psychiatrist seeing patients in a range of settings, varying from hospital inpatients, doing legal reports for the justice system and seeing adolescents referred from schools.  Tanveer has involvement in the media and writes on social and psychological issues in various Australian publications. He also appears regularly on radio and television.  He is an elected local politician in a municipal area within inner Sydney.  He is the published author of popular migration memoir “The Exotic Rissole”. He was once chosen by a Prime Minister’s committee as one of a hundred future leaders of Australia under the age of 40.

Tanveer has long held an interest in domestic violence issues, both from his experience in ethnic communities as well as the patients he sees within his practice.  He was a White Ribbon ambassador in Australia for close to a decade, including helping to expand the campaign in Pakistan.  He was forced to resign from his position after a feminist backlash when he wrote an article in the Australian newspaper arguing male violence can be an expression of underlying distress and male disempowerment was a growing factor in driving male violence towards women.  Tanveer was born in Bangladesh but grew up in Australia. He is married and a father of two daughters living in Sydney.

10 thoughts on “Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – Keynote Speaker 2015 TorontoDV Symposium”

  1. I have to stand and applaud this choice. It is time to truly talk about DV as informed adults trying to solve a problem.

  2. As an Australian may I say my patriotism was significantly damaged by the way Dr Tanveer Ahmed was allowed to be treated in Australia. If you guys can give him a platform to speak truthfully then you have proven yourselves to be on a higher plane ethically than we are.

    1. I get what you are saying. But via this site and more, I have learned and have a hunch there are some pretty awesome MHRA’s living down under. I can think of several right now. I hope to meet them.

  3. You’re in good hands Tanveer. Attila is a veteran host for this kind of event and will take great care in ensuring your voice gets heard.

  4. This is great, Dr. Tanveer is experience and he speaks the truth and I am glad he is included as one of keynote speaker

  5. I wish I could be there…to see this event and to meet this fine man who puts truth FIRST, even over the acceptance and good graces of women. If anyone asks me what constitutes a “real man”, my answer is swift and clear: One that puts honesty FIRST, no matter who doesn’t like it”. It takes real-man guts to be honest in the face of so much cowardice, especially when going the way of the duped, had-sucker cowards would be easier, more profitable, and accepted. What a fine example Dr. Ahmed has set. Someday, the boys now-men of the future will be proud of him and men like him. I am.

    1. I think breathing is pretty much all it takes to be a real man. I detest the phrase real man with a vengeance.

      However, Dr Ahmed is definitely a man of honour and integrity.

  6. I hope one day we will be able to host / organise a #WhiteRibbon event in #Kenya to seriously tackle DV in a more holistic way.

    1. That would be excellent and lets be sure any DV IPV action is inclusive of men and women, both genders are affected, but none more than the children. The Hungarian Maltese http://www.Maltai.hu have done work in Kenya providing a well for good drinking water while Fran Lenhardt works tirelessly to raise money funding a school in Kenya so boys and girls can get an education. The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust, founded by my father, Peter, supports charity work in Kenya. Let me know if we can be of assistance.

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