About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a family matter affecting men, women and children.  A link to a comprehensive collection of DV information.


Professor Martin S. Fiebert asked me to affect having Main Stream Media spread the science of Domestic Violence.  Science tells us, men and women are roughly equally responsible for DV.  One must wonder why our Judiciary is not respecting that science when dealing with DV issues.  Here is a comprehensive list of studies revealing the reality of DV compiled by Dr. Fiebert, a professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

I have spoken with police officers, who are usually the front line workers, dealing with DV calls.  A number of Officers have off the record stated to me, they are mandated to arrest the male and let the courts deal with it.  This is done to mitigate the liability against the police.  However, such action has devastating effects on the husband who often is a father.

Another issues, arising from false DV claims, is the total devastation of the male, who is arrested, stigmatised and in some cases forced to wait in jail for their trial.  This could take as long as six or more months.   A shocking number of men will commit suicide in jail.  One man, who can not be identified due to a publication ban, witnessed 5 men hang themselves in an 8 week period, while waiting for bail pending appeal at Penatanguishene Jail in Ontario.  He described that there are men who deserve to be jailed, but most were in there on bogus DV charges, he explained.

There are cases where men call the police for help when their wives or girlfriends become violent.  Often, these men are ridiculed and made fun of while in other cases the police take the position that he is the aggressor.   Canada Court Watch has documented many cases such as this father who describes his DV ordeal.

Attila L. Vinczer