Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey
Erin Pizzey

Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey, nee Carney. da Cyril Carney MBE Diplomatic Service (d 1980) m. Ruth Patricia Last b 19 Feb. 1939. Educ. Lewiston Manor, Sherborne Dorset; m. 1961 (m dis 1979) 1s Amos b 1967, a da Cleo b. 1961. Grandchildren Keita Craig b. 21 Apr. 1977. Amber Craig b 24 Jan. 1979. Dimitri Scott b 24 Jan. 1997 Dillon Van Legen b Jan. 1990. Deia Pizzey b. 26 May ’02. Joel Quadri b.03.’06

International author USA Harper Collins. Translation rights to: Japan, Russia, Greece, Brazil, Poland, Latvia, Israel and Italy. All English speaking countries. Published poet and playwright. International founder of refuges for battered women and children.



  • International Order of Volunteers For Peace, Diploma Of Honour (Italy) 1991.
  • Nancy Astor Award for Journalism 1983.
  • World Congress of Victimology (San Francisco) 1987 – Distinguished Leadership Award.
  • St. Valentino Palm d’Oro International Award for Literature, February 14th, 1994, Italy.
  •  Lifetime Achievement Award National Family Violence Legislative Resource Centre Sacramento conference February 2008.


Non Fiction Books

  • This Way to the Revolution: A Memoir
  • Scream Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear
  • Infernal Child (an early memoir)
  • Sluts’ Cookbook
  • Erin Pizzey Collects
  • Prone to violence – Out of print
  • Wild Child
  • The Emotional Terrorist and The Violence-prone


Fictional Books

  • The Watershed
  • In the Shadow of the Castle
  • The Pleasure Palace (in manuscript)
  • First Lady
  • Counsul General’s Daughter
  • The Snow Leopard of Shanghai
  • Other Lovers
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • For the Love of a Stranger
  • Kisses
  • The Wicked World of Women
  • The Fame Game (work in progress)
  • The Lifestyle of an International Best selling Author


Short Stories

  • The Man in The Blue Van
  • The Frangipani Tree
  • Addictions, Dancing, Sand
  • Contributed to The New Statesman, The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan.
  • Contributed to journals and newspapers internationally and completed two world tours lecturing on domestic violence and helping to set up refuges.
  • 1997 Invited by the German government to Berlin to speak and to show my film. ‘SCREAM QUIETLY OR THE NEIGHBOURS WILL HEAR
  • 1979 lunch of honour on Capital Hill sponsored by Congresswoman Lindy Boggs and Congressman Newton-Steer.
  • 1978 invited by Mental Heath Association of New Zealand to give lecture tour.
  • 1979 invited by US Government and sponsored by The Salvation Army to do a second lecture tour of 21 cities.
  • 1979 film Scream Quietly Or The Neighbours Will Hear aired twice nationally on PBS in America.
  • 1982 asked to be resident expert on family violence on ‘Phil Donahue Show.
  • 1984 gave evidence in San Antonio, Texas to President Reagan’s



  • Attorney General’s Task Force on Family Violence.
  • Guest of honour in Rome at a conference of International Supreme Court Judges, 1994.
  • 1997 Three year grant from The Royal Literary Fund for ‘work of literary merit.
  • 1998 Patron of ‘ Care and Comfort Romania,’ a program to build a day care centre for children and an old people’s centre.
  • Six weeks speaking tour of Canada 1998 with Senator Ann Cools speaking to men’s groups about the need for non-gendered refuges.
  • 2001 Helped fund and open a Health Care Centre at Wandsworth Prison.
  • Nov2002 invitation to speak in Bermuda.
  • 2004 Patron of ManKind a charity devoted to men’s issues.
  • 2004 invitation to Bucking Palace ‘Women of Achievement’ luncheon.
  • 2006 Opened the first refuge in Bahrain for Arab women.
  • 2007 Invited to work with Wandsworth to open a day centre and a 250 bed facility for vulnerable prisoners in memory of my grandson Keita Craig.
  • The Unit will be called The Keita Craig Unit.
  • 26th March 08 invited by the Slovenian Ombudswoman to lecture on domestic violence.



  • Scream Quietly Or The Neighbours Will Hear.
  • Chiswick Women’s Aid – a teaching film.
  • That Awful Woman, work in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Cutting Edge Channel 4 SANCTUARY. BBC2 BBC documentary ‘Who is failing the family.
  • Counterblast 1998.



  • Reading, writing, cooking, antiques, violin, gardening, wine, food and travel.


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