2014 DV Videos All Presenters


Erin Pizzey and Prof. Martin Fiebert

Erin Fiebert
Erin Pizzey & Prof. Martin Fiebert – Keynote Speakers

2014 Toronto Domestic Violence Symposium introduction video of presenters here.





Professor Martin S. Fiebert

Professor Martin S. Fiebert
Prof. Martin S. Fiebert – Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Martin S. Fiebert delivers a powerful Domestic Violence lecture based on roughly 40 years of scientific research.

His academic research material conclusively shows that Domestic Violence is roughly equal between men and women.  Dr. Fiebert asked that Main Stream Media would disseminate the science of DV.



Erin Pizzey – video link here.

Erin Pizzey
Erin Pizzey – DV expert, author and human rights ativist.

Erin Pizzey founded the first refuge Chiswick Women’s Aid  in England, 1971.  She fearlessly speaks about her decades of experience within the Domestic Violence industry acknowledging men’s issues also.

Erin talks about her concerns for men, women and children at the hands of the evil feminist empire.



Senator Anne C. Cools

Senator Anne C. Cools
Senator Anne C. Cools

 Hon. Anne C. Cools Canadian Senator delivered an eloquent talk about DV issues ravaging families.

Sen. Cools founded the first Woman’s Shelter in Canada, Women in Transition Inc. dovetailing well to her pioneering social work in DV issues.



Walter Fox LLB.

Profile pic 002
Walter Fox – Toronto Criminal lawyer

Walter Fox, prominent Toronto Criminal lawyer spoke about the legal implications of DV as well as describing the origins of Ontario’s biased DV mandate.

Mr. Fox is one of the oldest criminal lawyers in Ontario bringing decades of legal services and advice to Canadians.



Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux – Entrepreneur Philosopher

Stefan Molyneux spoke at depth about the effect of Domestic Violence by parents against their children Stefan dilated about the negative developmental effect on children subjected to DV.