Dr. Miles Groth

Miles Groth, PhD, is full professor in the Department of Psychology at Wagner College, Staten Island, New York http://www.wagner.edu/departments/psychology/groth.

He chaired theDr. Miles Groth department for six years and for seven years directed the college’s Honors Program. In all he has developed and taught forty-one different courses for the college.

Dr. Groth st
udied at Franklin and Marshall College, Duquesne University and Fordham University, where he completed his PhD. He trained as a psychoanalyst in New York and has been in private practice since 1977.

Dr. Groth is the author of three books, editor of a fourth volume and co-editor of a fifth volume, chapters in nine books, twenty-seven articles and more than fifty-one book reviews in twenty different peer-reviewed journals. He has contributed occasional pieces to newsletters and newspapers, and entries in two encyclopedias. He has served as a consultant for publications and international policy-making organizations on boys’ and men’s health.

Dr. Groth has been an invited external reviewer for promotion of faculty in the School of Medicine, University of Ottawa, the University of Nipissing, in Canada, and Flinders University, in Australia. He has been a book manuscript reviewer for several publishers, including McGill University Press and Oxford University Press.

He is editor emeritus of two journals, the International Journal of Men’s Health and Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies, which he co-founded. He was book acquisitions editor for the Men’s Studies Press. Dr. Groth has lectured residents in psychiatry at Richmond University Medical Center in New York on integrating psychodynamic psychotherapy with traditional inpatient treatment.

He has been invited to present papers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Lithuania and Hungary, as well as at eleven colleges and universities in the United States. Dr. Groth is the author of a collection of poems, Pericopes (privately printed). His areas of scholarly interest are existential analysis, continental philosophy, and the psychology of boys and men. He is founding editor of New Male Studies: An International Journal and a member of the Executive Advisory Board of the Australian Institute for Male health and Studies.

He resides in New York and may be reached at:

Miles Groth, PhD, Professor
Department of Psychology
Wagner College
Staten Island, NY 10301